12 Finnish UMK contestants revealed – song snippets online

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The 12 songs and the artists performing them have been revealed by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. There are 12 songs in the 2013 edition of UMK (Uuden musiikin kilpailu), or Contest for new music.

The names on the list are mostly totally previously unknown, but the latest winner of the Finnish edition of talent show Idols, Diandra is also taking part, as was already confirmed after a leak earlier. Krista Siegfrieds became known to the wider audience at the Voice of Finland and as a guest on the Swedish YLE Eurovision preview show in 2012. Six of the acts are bands and six solo acts. The musical genres vary from acoustic folk to symphonic metal and pop.

The songs will be heard for the first time in the second and third UMK show in January, and four songs will be then eliminated in three live shows before the 8 song final in Espoo on 9 February 2013. The winner will be the Finnish entry at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Listen to snippets of  the songs on the YLE UMK website

UMK 2013 participants (authors in brackets), click artist name for website or Facebook page.

  1. ArionLost in the woods (Iivo Kaipainen)
  2. Atlético KumpulaPaperilyhty (Paper lantern)(Kyösti Salokorpi, Atlético Kumpula)
  3. DiandraColliding into you (Patrick Sarin, Leri Leskinen, Sharon Vaughn, Janne Oinas, Leri Leskinen)
  4. Elina Orkoneva  – He’s not my man (Elina Orkoneva, Mikko Arlin, Joona Hasan, Eveliina Jämsä, Lauri Lähteenkorva, Henri Mäntylä)
  5. Great Wide North Flags (Kaj Kiviniemi, Mika Kiviniemi, Great Wide North)
  6. Ilari Hämäläinen Sytytä mut vaan (Just light me up) (Ilari Hämäläinen)
  7. Krista SiegfridsMarry me (Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm, Kristofer Karlsson, Jessika Lundström)
  8. Last PandaSaturday night forever (Henry Tikkanen, Aapo Immonen, Last Panda)
  9. Lucy Was DrivingDancing all around the universe (Lucy Was Driving, Otso Koskelo)
  10. Mikael SaariWe should be through (Mikael Saari, Kai Poutanen, Tuomas Vertanen)
  11. RautakouraIlmalaivalla (On an airship) (Lauri Häme, Rautakoura) 
  12. Iina SalinLast night (Iina Salin, Tommi Gröhn) 

The judges for UMK are Aija Puurtinen, Redrama, Toni Wirtanen and Tomi Saarinen.

UMK 2013 hosts are Ile Uusivuori and Anne Lainto.

The live shows start on 17 January and the 8 finalists will be decided by votes from the jury and the public. UMK on Yle TV2, always at 20.00 CET (21.00 local time):

  •  27 December: UMK top 12
  • 3 January: Judges meet the contestants – first play of the songs
  • 10 January: Judges meet the contestants – first play of the songs
  • 17 January: Elimination part 1, live from club Circus in Helsinki
  • 24 January: Elimination part 2, live from club Circus in Helsinki
  • 31 January: Semi-final, live from club Circus in Helsinki
  • 9 February: Final at Barona Arena in Espoo


 Source: YLE