Sweden: MF candidates revealed on 19 November?

by Juha Repo 227 views

One of the most anticipated announcements for the followers of national finals around Europe is the Swedish Melodifestivalen list of participants. Usually we have first had a list of song titles and the songwriters, which then have been matched with artists later on. Now the Culture News website of SVT reveals that the date of the announcement will be 19 November.

Speculation of participants in the 2013 Melodifestivalen has been going wild in the Swedish media as usual. Almost anybody who is somebody in Swedish music business has been rumoured to be on the SVT wish list at some point. It has been reported that one time Eurovision winner for Sweden (1991) and two times representant Carola (1983 and 2006) was top of the wish list, but has not accepted the offer. Internationally famous dance pop star September has also been mentioned, but she is neither expected to be on the list of participants.

The tabloid Aftonbladet speculates that the names that are going to be on the list include Louise Hoffsten, Martin Rolinski (formerly of BWO), Sara Li (who performed Mirakel with Björn Ranelid this year) as well as Camilla Henemark‘s (formerly of Army of Lovers) new act Happy Hoes. The paper is also convinced that Tommy Körberg is returning to Melodifestivalen. He has already represented Sweden twice (1969 and 1988). Others known from previous editions of Melodifestivalen include Jessica Andersson, Sean Banan, Sara Varga, Erik Segerstedt, David Lindgren, Swingfly, Pernilla Wahlgren and Cookies ‘n Beans. Ulrik Munther is rumoured to return with a song written by Thomas G:son, who is also listed as a co-writer in Pernilla’s dance pop song, co-written by Euphoria author Peter Boström. Another notable songwriter amongst the rumours is Carly Ray Jepson. Even legend Sylvia Vrethammar is listed as a possible, she had an international hit in the 70s with Eviva España.

One name on Aftonbladet’s list is even cultural director at Stockholm Culture House Berhang Miri, who created controversy even internationally by banning the Tintin comic books as racist at the youth department of the House. 

The other tabloid Expressen has also listed nameslike Cecilia Vennersten, Youngblood, Top Cats and Arvingarna, but as these were already a while back many changes will have occurred by now. Also 90s mega star Lisa Nilsson has been mentioned in the rumours.

All the names here are as said only media speculation at this time. We are of course waiting for an official confirmation from SVT about who will join the two already known names in the battle to be the home entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö in May 2013. 

Tickets for the 2013 Melodifestivalen tour are already on sale.

Sources:  SVT Culture News, Aftonbladet, Expressen