Happy F&B the agency to create the 2013 look

by Juha Repo 3,319 views

The Swedish host broadcaster SVT has just revealed, that the communications agency in charge of the visual image of Malmö 2013 will be Happy Forsman & Bodenfors. The agency has presented their basic concept to the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

Like with the whole organisation, SVT and Happy F&B are promising a unique look for the contest in Malmö. Martin Österdahl from SVT says that they have tried to find a look that is different from every previous contest. He says it has not been easy, as it is an tradition older than 50 years, but I think we have managed to do it.

Lisa Carlson, Creative Director at Happy F&B says they are delighted to have won the job. We are going to be a bit team at the agency working for this, as it is such a special occasion. Who knows, when Sweden will win the nest time? When Loreen won, it felt like something new, and we aim to keep that feeling alive as best we can, she tells melodifestivalen.se.

Executive Producer Martin Österdahl also says SVT will look at also finding a slogan for the contest, like in most recent years, but they are yet not sure if they will find one that fits in with the other expressions.

The graphic look under creation now will be used on websites and printed stuff, city decorations and tickets as well as the TV shows. SVT promises that samples will be presented to the public soon.