Spain: RTVE appoints Eva Mora as the new Head of Delegation

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,129 views

RTVE, the Spanish national broadcaster is going through a revamp and has appointed Eva Mora as the new Head of Delegation. She will be taking over from Ana Maria Bordas who has served as Head of Delegation from 2017-2021.

The Spanish national broadcaster has formed a special Eurovision committee consisting of many experienced journalists and professionals who have worked at the Eurovision Song Contest before.  Along with the special committee which will be in charge of the 2022 Spanish national selection which will be held in Benidorm a new Head of Delegation has been appointed.

Ms. Eva Mora who has covered the Eurovision Song Contest five times ( 2012- 2016) live for TVE has been named the new Head of Delegation. She is one of the most well known faces of the Spanish broadcaster having gained much experience and fame in recent years.

Eva Mora joined TVE in 2000 and has worked both as journalist and tv anchor. She currently works on TVE’s news channel 24 Horas where she has played a key role as a news anchor, specially during the coverage of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Eva’s professionalism and great experience has led to her appointment as the new Head of Delegation. Ana Maria Bordas who was the Spanish HoD from 2017- 2021, has been promoted to Director of Original Content at TVE and will now oversee and coordinate the TVE Eurovision Committee.

Eva has also been the Spanish commentator for the Eurovision: Shine A Light special show in 2020 and the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She has great knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The TVE Eurovision Committee will be responsible to organize and lay out the 2022 Spanish Eurovision national selection ie Festival de la Cancion de Benidorm. This committee will be working in the coming years in order to develop the Spanish national selection in its quest to bring back a great result for Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Spanish Eurovision Committee consists of the following TVE professionals:

  • Amalia Martinez De Velasco- Head of the Committee (General Content Director RTVE)
  • Ana Maria Bordas – Group Coordinator ( Head of Original Content RTVE)
  • Maria Eizaguirre-  (Head of Communication and Participation RTVE)
  • Esteban Calle- (RTVE Marketing Dept)
  • Cesar Vallejo- (RTVE Digital Documentary Dept/ special Eurovision correspondent during 6 editions)
  • Irene Mahia – (RTVE Current Coordinator PlayZ/ special Eurovision correspondent during 6 editions).
  • Fernando Macias- (RTVE PLay, RTVE Eurovision web coordinator, special Eurovision correspondent  3 editions)
  • Javier Martin- (RTVE News journalist)
  • Jordi Vives –(Head of RTVE Musical Programmes)
  • Julia Varela-(Spanish commentator since 2015/ RNE Radio presenter and director)
  • Virgina Diaz –(Radio 3 specialist)
  • Julio Rodenas –(Radio 3 specialist)

The Spanish Eurovision Working Committee will be laying out the rules and regulations of the forthcoming Spanish national selection in the coming weeks. RTVE is expected to release the format and rules and regulations of their national selection in due course.

The special group will be also in charge of boosting and promoting the Spanish participation at the Eurovision Song Contest in the coming years.

Source: RTVE/ ESCToday