Bookies’ Roundup 2021 : Italy Now Favourite To Win

by Richard West-Soley 6,969 views

Today marks a special milestone in the contest preparations, being one week before the grand final in Rotterdam. And after a day of Big Five rehearsals, it has seen another dramatic switch in bookies’ favourites to win, with Italy leapfrogging France to take the number one spot.

It has certainly been a while since two Big Five countries have bubbled up to the top of the betting. But right now, Italy and France are tussling on very close odds with the bookies, having muscled out Malta which drifts to decimal odds of around 6 to win. The first means that Iceland no longer seems like such a distant fourth place, just a few steps behind on odds around 8.

The top ten largely remains the same lower down the table, although the other dramatic shift comes from Switzerlandformerly a top three candidate, but now sinking to seventh favourite. Russia and San Marino are also nibbling into the bottom end of the top slots.

The week-to-go top ten looks like this:

1. Italy
2. France
3. Malta
4. Iceland
5. Bulgaria
6. Cyprus
7. Switzerland
8. Lithuania
9. Ukraine
10. Russia / Greece / Sweden / San Marino