Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears unveils ‘Tout l’univers’

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Time’s up! The cuckoo has stopped singing for exactly three minutes as he was listening to the Swiss entry for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The Swiss-German national broadcaster SRF has unveiled the act that Gjon’s Tears is bringing to Rotterdam. Let’s synchronise watches, here comes Tout l’univers.

Just last week the Swiss published a tweet announcing that they would reveal their act for Rotterdam today. Tout l’univers is the title of the song that the 22-year old singer from Broc Gjon Muharremaj will sing at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Gjon’s Tears will perform in the second half of the Second Semi-final on Thursday 20 May 2021.

Without further ado, let’s watch the official video of the Swiss entry:


About Tout l’univers

Switzerland is officially going to perform a song on stage in French for the first time in 11 years (Micheal von der HeiderIl pleut de l’or, Eurovision 2010). Gjon’s Tears wrote his 2021 Eurovision entry together with songwriters Wouter Hardy, Nina Sampermans and Xavier Michel as part of a song-writing camp. Wouter Hardy is also the producer.

This is what the singer declared about his entry:

I am so happy that I will finally be able to take part in Eurovision this year and that I can spread a positive message with my song ‘Tout l’univers’. It was important for us to keep hope in this particularly difficult time: We must not give up and we must stay strong. With love, friendship, strength and courage, we can rebuild our future. I am convinced that in this exceptional situation it is possible to rediscover and reinvent ourselves.

About the selection process

Gjon’s Tears produced and recorded a number of different songs for Eurovision 2021, working together with a variety of songwriters and producers. Like last year, the songs were then tested by a 100-member viewers’ panel and an expert jury. The viewers’ panel was designed to simulate the phone-in voting process used by the 40 countries in the competition as accurately as possible. Its members were selected in a multi-stage selection procedure using online questionnaires. The song that won the most points from the two juries was declared the winner, and a final version has now been produced for the competition.

About Gjon’s Tears

Gjon Muharremaj, also known as Gjon’s Tears, was born in Broc, Switzerland, in 1998 from a Kosovar father and an Albanian mother. He discovered his passions for music very early, at the age of 7-8, when approached the piano in a music school in his home town and began a lifelong passion for the discipline. He started singing at a later stage encouraged by his grandfather. When he heard Gjon singing Can’t help falling in love with you from Elvis Presley, he cried. That was such a special moment for Gjon that he got the courage to continue doing something intimate in front of others. That was the moment when he decided to sing in public.

His very grandfather registered him for Ti vlen, a popular show in Albania, where Gjon performed Moj e bukura more. His appearance convinced the organizers of the first edition of Albania’s got talent in 2011 to invite him. Gjon went all the way to the final placing third. He was only 12.

In 2012 he competed in Die grössten Schweizer Talente in his home country Switzerland reaching the semi-final. He repeated the effort in 2019 in The Voice in France, reaching again the semi-finals in Team Mika.

On 4 March 2020 the Swiss-german broadcaster SRF announced his name to represent Switzerland at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with the song Répondez-moi. He was not able to travel to the Netherlands due to the cancellation of the contest, but was reconducted for another year and confirmed as the Swiss representative at the 2021 Eurovision.


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