The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy presents “Birth of a new age” for Rotterdam!

by Stratos Agadellis 1,257 views

We got news from this year’s host country! Jeangu Macrooy, who is set to represent the year’s host country, has just released the song he will get in his luggage; it’s Birth of a new age!

A new era begins

The national broadcaster AVROTROS, which was responsible for the Dutch Eurovision entry, decided to reassign the country’s representation to Jeangu Macrooy, following the cancellation of last year’s competition. Through internal processes, the song chosen for him to perform was penned by Jeangu himself, as well as Perquisite.

Birth of a new age was premiered by AVROTROS on the broadcaster’s official YouTube channel. The song’s music video, which is scheduled to premiere on YouTube tomorrow at 12:00 CET, was filmed at Rijksmuseum, a Dutch national museum dedicated to the arts and history. The song was presented in a live show where Jeangu performed accompanied by backing vocalists and musicians and is available on all streaming platforms.

The Dutch entry contains lyrics in Sranan Tongo, one of the languages of his birthplace Suriname. This is the first time for the language to be performed on the Eurovision stage. Birth of a new age narrates a story of resilience and the beginning of a new era.

Jeangu summed up the song:

The song is an ode to everyone who stands up for themselves and dares to celebrate the power of their authenticity.

As an artist, there’s nothing I like more than performing. So it was really awesome to be able to present the song live on such a grand scale.

The official music video

About Jeangu Macrooy

Jeangu Macrooy was born and raised in the Dutch-speaking republic of Suriname, in South America. His musical stimuli began at the age of 13, when his parents gifted him a guitar for his birthday. He soon created a duet with his twin brother Xillan. Jeangu moved to the Netherlands in 2014, in order to study songwriting.

After enrolling in the ArtEZ Conservatory, he started his collaboration with the producer Perquisite. His debut EP Brave enough was released in 2015, while his first personal album High on you was unveiled two years later. On the occasion of his second album release, Horizon, the young singer toured Germany in 2019.

Jeangu was again selected in 2020 in order to succeed Duncan Laurence and represent the Netherlands on home ground with Grow.

As he will be representing this year’s host country, Jeangu Macrooy will be honoured to compete automatically in the Grand Final of 22 May. He is already set to perform 23rd in the show.