Czech Republic: Benny Cristo unveils his Eurovision 2021 entry ‘Omaga’

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 929 views

The 2021 Czech Eurovision hopeful, Benny Cristo, has unveiled his Eurovision entry ‘Omaga’.

Benny Cristo will defend the Czech colours at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Omaga‘.  His 2021 Eurovision entry has been determined via an internal selection.

The title of the song is a variation of the well-known abbreviation OMG (Oh My God), which is featured in the chorus.

The 2021 Czech Eurovision entry has been composed by Filip Vlček and written by Benny Cristo. The official music video of ‘Omaga‘ has been directed by Jan Strach.

Krystof Samal (Czech Head of Delegation) says:

I believe that the EBU will finally be able to hold the Eurovision Song Contest in the most accessible way possible, so that Benny and the audience can enjoy the omaga dance song to the fullest. That is, live from Rotterdam and in full-stage form. We are preparing a visually original concept, where Benny will be accompanied by two female and two male dancers. It is interesting that the position of stage director will this year be filled by Martin Dietmann, a seasoned professional from Austria, who has extensive experience in this field.

Jan Strach (Director of Omaga music video) says:

It was a challenge to refer to such cult classics as Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump and The Shining in the music video. We put our own spin on it and Benny, through his acting performance, added just the right amount of flair and humorous exaggeration. Many shooting locations became quite complicated due to unfavourable weather. Unfortunately, we unintentionally chose the snowiest and coldest weekend of the year. We couldn’t shoot the classic scene where Forrest is sitting on a bench outside, so we had to use a green screen for several scenes and finish everything off in post-production.

Benny Cristo says:

We shot a lot of really great scenes during the filming. I was sure that even if we were to use only a tenth of them, the result would be great and indeed it really is. Honza came up with a great idea and he managed to implement it really well.

Czech Republic in Eurovision

The Czech Republic debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with  Kabat and is yet to win the competition. The country achieved its best result in the contest in 2018 when Mikolas Josef placed 6th in Lisbon with his song Lie to me.

The Czechs have partaken in Europe’s favorite television show 7 times, out of which they have qualified to the Grand Final thrice, namely in 2016, 2o18 and 2019.

The central European land locked country has not been very lucky in the competition, after three consecutive years of poor results and non-qualification the Czechs withdrew from the contest in 2010 and returned back after a 5 year hiatus in 2016.

Benny Cristo was set to represent the Czech Republic at the 2020 Eurovision edition with his entry ‘Kemama‘.



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