Germany: Jendrik to Rotterdam!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 2,358 views

The next BIG 5 country to unveil its Eurovision hopeful is Germany! Jendrik will have the grand honour of representing Germany at the forthcoming 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Jendrik (Photo credit: NDR)

Jendrik will defend the German colours at the 2021 Eurovision edition in the Netherlands.

The 2021 German Eurovision entry and act was determined via 2 special jurys:

  • 100 member jury consisting of Eurovision fans
  • 20 member jury consisting of international music experts

About Jendrik

Jendrik (Photo credit: NDR)

Jendrik grew up in Hamburg as the second eldest of four siblings. He began to play piano and violin when he was young. After finishing high school, he studied musical theatre at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. During this course of study, he was already writing his own songs for the ukelele, his favorite instrument.

A dream come true

Jendrik (Photo credit: NDR)

26-year-old Jendrik Sigwart will be representing Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The Hamburg native impressed two independent juries in a multi-stage selection process.

Jendrik originally performed on stage in musical theatres and has been passionately writing his own songs for years. Singing and performing on the big stage of the Eurovision Song Contest has been his dream for a very long time.

Last summer he used the time to produce his song and the music video for Eurovision as he was unable to perform due to the COVID 19 pandemic.. He humorously posted its creation on TikTok and Instagram under the motto: “How to make a music video”.

In each of these small, creative films, he articulated his wish to be able to compete at Eurovision. Although the talented musician has dreamed of becoming Germany’s candidate with his first self-produced song, he didn’t really think that he would succeed.

Jendrik says:

I am really looking forward to performing for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. Okay, I just can’t stay serious about this. Hey, everyone, I’m really going to the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a dream come true!

Ms. Alexandra Wolfslast ( GermanHead of the Delegation) says:

Jendrik is totally authentic, has fantastic charisma and incredible entertainment qualities. It was not surprising that he convinced the ESC juries. We are very happy that he will be representing Germany.

The 2021 German Eurovision entry will be officially premiered along with its official music video on Thursday 25 February at  17:50 and 19:56  CET on Das Erste.

Germany in Eurovision

Germany debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 and is one of the founder members of the competition. The country has won the competition twice (1982, 2010) and succesfully has hosted the event thrice (Frankfurt 1958, Munich 1983, Dusseldorf 2011).

Germany has participated 63 times at the Eurovision Song Contest and has only missed out once when it was relegated in 1996. In 1996 a special audio semi-final was held for the Eurovision edition in Oslo, Germany was one of  the non-qualifying nations along with Denmark, Israel, Russia, Hungary, Romania and North Macedonia (FYR Macedonia).

Ben Dolic was set to represent Germany at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with his entry Violent Thing. Unfortunately he was not able to grace the Eurovision stage due to the cancellation of the event.