Eurovision 2021: ESC 2020 ticket holders will be refunded in February

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,240 views

The EBU and the 2021 Eurovision host broadcasters (NPO, AVRTROS, NOS) have announced that the 2020 Eurovision ticket holders will be refunded for their ESC tickets after the decision to scrap Scenario A for holding the forthcoming 2021 Eurovision edition.

With scenarios B, C and D remaining on the table the audience capacity at the Ahoy will see a great reduction, hence the Eurovision 2021 organizers have decided to refund all Eurovision 2021 ticket holders during February with the option to re-purchase their tickets in case the conditions and Dutch government guideles permit an audience in the venue and subject to availability and COVID 19 restrictions implemented in the Netherlands including international travel regulations.

The EBU says:

The number of tickets available for each show will be dependent on government guidelines regarding social distancing. Organizers are keen to emphasize that, if circumstances allow, there will be opportunities to sell more tickets later.

Mr. Sietse Bakker ( Eurovision 2021 Executive Producer) says:

By pushing the decision regarding the audience towards, at the latest mid-April, we hope we can responsibly Open Up to welcoming fans in Ahoy for this year’s shows.

The EBU sheds more on the ESC 2021 tickets

The EBU has shed more light on the 2021 Eurovision tickets and on the refund for the 2020 Eurovision tickets:

If you didn’t buy a ticket for Eurovision 2020 can you buy one for Eurovision 2021?

Unfortunately not. If we can allow an audience in May, we only give the former ticketholders the opportunity to purchase tickets for the same show which they already had tickets for.

What will happen to your tickets which you already have?

You will get a refund for your total order. Tickets will be refunded to the bank account or credit card which was used during the booking. The tickets will be cancelled.

When will you receive your refund?

Your tickets – will be refunded by your ticket provider (Paylogic, AVROTROS or TicketSwap) in the upcoming weeks.

Will you have the opportunity to order tickets again?

If and when we are allowed to welcome visitors during the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, and when we have more information about the numbers of visitors that we are allowed to welcome per show, we will send you more information by email.

Everyone that purchased a ticket online at the official website will receive a link and password, for the same show(s) which you already had tickets for. During this ticket sale you can try to book new tickets.

When can you expect to know more about ordering new tickets?

We will ultimately take a decision mid-April on whether it is allowed to have an audience. If possible, earlier.

You already booked a flight ticket and/or hotel. What do you need to do?

We can only advise you to contact those who you booked with directly. We are not involved with hotel bookings and/or flight tickets.

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 18, 20, 22 May at the Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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