Croatia: HRT unveils the Dora 2021 candidates

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,366 views

HRT, the Croatian national broadcaster, has unveiled the fourteen Dora 2021 acts who will be battling for the golden ticket to Eurovision 2021.

A total of 14 acts will compete at the forthcoming edition of Dora which is set to be held in Opatija on Saturday 13 February. HRT, the Croatian national broadcaster, has unveiled the names of the 14 lucky candidates along with the names of four reserve candidates.

A special five member jury was responsible to whittle down the submitted entries from 140 to 18 (14+4). The special jury consisted of: Andrej Babić (HGU, HDS), Hrvoje Prskalo (HDS), Matija Cvek (HGU), Monika Lelas (HRT – HRA) and Uršula Tolj (HRT – HTV).

Notably we will be seeing two former Croatian Eurovision representatives vying to return to Eurovision for the second time: Toni Cetinski ( 1994) and Nina Kraljic (2016).

The 2021 Croatian entry and act will be determined via a combined televoting/jury deliberation.

The candidates

  •  Filip Rudan- Blind
  •  Bernarda- Colors
  • Ella Orešković- Come this way
  • Sandi Cenov- Kriv
  • Beta Sudar- Ma Zamisli
  •  Brigita Vuco- Noci Pijane
  •  Toma- Ocean of love
  •  Eric- Reci Mi
  •  Nina Kraljić- Rijeka
  •  Ashley Colburn & Bojan Jambrošić- Share the love
  •  Mia Negovetić- She’s like a dream
  •  Albina- Tick-tock
  •  Cambi- Zaljubljen
  • Tony Cetinski & Kiki Rahimovski- Zapjevaj, Sloboda Je!

The reserve acts

  •  Elis Lovrić- B rodolom
  •  Endi (Feat. Lora)-Megaoloman
  •  Pjerino Ružević-  Soldier
  •  Z/11- Only love

Croatia in Eurovision

Croatia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 with the six member group Put and their entry Don’t ever cry, and is yet to win the event. The Balkan country’s best results in the competition were achieved in 1996 (Maja Blagdan) and 1999 (Doris Dragovic), when it placed 4th in the Grand Final.

The country has competed 25 times in the contest and has not been very lucky in the competition in recent years, with its last top 10 finish in 2001.

Damir Kedzo was set to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2020 with his entry Divlji Vjetre after winning Dora 2020.