Norway: NRK unveils MGP 2021 details

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Still in love with a fairytale? 2021 might be your year again. The Nordics are all up for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Norwegian broadcaster NRK unveiled all the necessary details for its national selection process. Attention!

Isn’t a long and open national selection process one of the most exciting aspects of every new Eurovision season? The Norwegians will surely spoil all the true Eurovision fans with no less than seven appointments to mark on their calendars. Nordic broadcaster NRK published this morning the details of the upcoming Melodi Grand Prix 2021.

Better than ever?

Five semi-finals will introduce the 20 competing entries. They will go along 6 already qualified acts. Each semi-final’s winner will take part to the final, along with the surprise element of this year: a wildcard. After semi-final 5, another show will reveal which of the excluded acts will be given a wild card for the final. This means that will we see a total of 12 songs battling for the golden ticket to Rotterdam during the final of MGP 2021.

Melodi Grand Prix 2021 calendar

  • 16 January 2021: Semi-final 1
  • 23 January 2021: Semi-final 2
  • 30 January 2021: Semi-final 3
  • 6 February 2021: Semi-final 4
  • 15 February 2021: Semi-final 5
  • 16 February 2021: Wildcard show.
  • 20 February 2021: Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021

The four competing entries of each semi-final will be published on Monday prior to the live show. The six direct qualifiers will also present their acts during the semi-finals.

The whole process will be determined by the audience only.

As for MGP 2020, the hosts will be Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, Ronny Brede Aase and Kåre Magnus Bergh.

Norway in Eurovision

The Scandinavian country joined Eurovision in 1960 and has competed 58 times up to date. They hold the trophy three times: in 1985 with the legendary La det swinge from the duo Bobbysocks, then repeated the success in 1995 with another iconic entry from Secret Garden (Nocturne). The latest victory arrived in 2009 with the Eurovision-celebrity Alexander Rybak and his Fairytale.

In 2020 Norway was going to be represented by Ulrikke, who won MGP 2020 with the song Attention.