Norway: NRK to choose its own Eurovision winner

by Stefano 1,640 views

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest may have been canceled, but Norwegian TV viewers will still vote and announce a winner of this year’s Eurovision. In what seems a denial of the fact that we won’t have any official contest this year, Oslo will let it swing and go its own way.

Good evening Norway, may we have your votes please? News are coming in from Oslo. The Norwegian national broadcaster NRK announced that an alternative Eurovision contest will be carried out in the Scandinavian country. Hold on: we’re gonna swing!

12 countries for the 12 points

12 entries from this year’s Eurovision will be fighting for the Norwegian victory. There were nominated based on betting list placements, stream numbers and video views. They are:

  • Germany: Ben Dolic, Violent thing
  • Italy: DiodatoFai rumore
  • Sweden: The Mamas, Move
  • Bulgaria: Victoria, Tears getting sober
  • Russia: Little Big, Uno
  • Azerbaijan: Samira Efendi, Cleopatra»
  • Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears, Répondez-moi
  • Iceland: Dadi Freyr, Think about things
  • France: Tom Leeb, Mon alliée: the best in me
  • Malta: Destiny Chukunyere, All of my love
  • Romania: Roxen, Alcohol you
  • Lithuania: The RoopOn fire

Hosts of the night will be Ronny Brede Aase and Marte Stokstad. You can watch the broadcast on Friday 15 May, at  20:05 CET on NRK 1 or on NRK TV.

A tribute to Ulrikke

NRK will also pay tribute to this year’s representative Ulrikke. The audience will celebrate her entry Attention will during the night. Ulrikke Brandstorp will also have the honour to announce this year’s Norwegian winner. Ulrikke won the Melodi Grand Prix 2020 and therefore gained the right to represent the Nordic country in Rotterdam.

Norway in Eurovision

The Scandivanian country joined Eurovision in 1960 and has competed 58 times up to date. They hold the trophy three times: in 1985 with the legendary La det swinge from the duo Bobbysocks, then repeated the success in 1995 with another iconic entry from Secret Garden (Nocturne). The latest victory arrived in 2009 with the Eurovision-celebrity Alexander Rybak and his Fairytale.

Despite these major Eurovision hits, Norway also hold the record for the most nul points placements (1963, 1978, 1981 and 1997) and for having finished dead last 11 times.