Today: Eurovision Home Contest goes on with Semi-final 2

by Stratos Agadellis 7,520 views

Good morning Europe and good afternoon Australia! Our own competition, the Eurovision Home Contest is ready for its second part today! You’ve already sent 10 beautiful acts to the final, but now it’s time for the list to be rounded out.

Eurovision Home Contest: Part Two

Following the sudden cancellation of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, our editorial team decided to hold an entertaining voting process, the Eurovision Home Contest, where you will be able to vote for your favorite 2020 entries, which will not finally take to the Eurovision stage come May.

As with Tuesday, the voting will be starting at 16:00 CET and for 4 hours you can vote here. You can also leave your comments on our official Facebook page. At any time, you will be able to check out the results, as the procedure is carried out in complete transparency. The 10 most voted countries are going to qualify for Saturday’s final, bringing the total number of participants to 26.

The 18 competing acts that will fight for a spot in the final are:

  • Austria: Vincent BuenoAlive
  • Czech Republic: Benny CristoKemama
  • Estonia: Uku SuvisteWhat love is
  • Greece: StefaniaSUPERG!RL
  • Iceland: Daði og GagnamagniðThink about things
  • Moldova: Natalia GordienkoPrison
  • Poland: AlicjaEmpires
  • San Marino: SenhitFreaky
  • Serbia: HurricaneHasta la vista
  • Albania: Arilena AraFall from the sky
  • Armenia: Athena Manoukian – Chains on you
  • Bulgaria: VictoriaTears getting sober
  • Denmark: Ben & TanYes
  • Finland: AkselLooking back
  • Georgia: Tornike KipianiTake me as I am
  • Latvia: Samanta TīnaStill breathing
  • Portugal: ElisaMedo de sentir
  • Switzerland: Gjon’s TearsRépondez-moi

Let’s remember all 18 songs with the following YouTube playlist:

Semi-final 1 of our #EurovisionHomeContest saw the following 10 acts proceed to the final (in random order): Russia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Malta, Romania, Azerbaijan and North Macedonia. Have a look at the full scoreboard of the Semi-final 1 here.

Stay safe and #VoteFromHome for your beloved artists today!