Switzerland: International Expert Jury and Audice Panel evaluate songs

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Never change a winning team? After qualifying for the Grand Final for the first time after four straight non-qualifiers, Switzerland aim at confirming the good result of Tel Aviv. How is SRF working behind the courtains? Let’s find out.

Are you still dirty dancing? Luca Hänni is still touring Europe, as Swiss broadcaster SRF has already begun preparations for Rotterdam. Last September we discovered that 515 songs were submitted to the broadcaster. But how will THE act be chosen among so many competitors?

Swiss-German broadcaster has released a video to explain the functioning of the two juries. Like last year, 100 members of the Public Jury (Audience Panel) will bring their diverse musical taste, while 21 members of the International Expert Jury will put their professional expertise to profit.

The Eurovision family comes together

Going through the list of the International  Expert Jury, Eurofans will recognise a few faces. Tinkara Kovac (Slovenia 2014), Ovidiu Jacobsen (Romania 2010/2014), Helga Moller (Iceland 1986) and Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014) are among the most notable names. The group is completed by various music professionals who are supposed to represent the large spectrum of national juries at Eurovision.

  • Tinkara Kovac
  • Henrik Johnsson
  • Einar Bardarson
  • Gordon Groothedde
  • Gore Melian
  • Ovidiu Jacobsen
  • Helga Moller
  • Rafailas Karpis
  • Ruth Lorenzo
  • Maria Marcus
  • Argyro Christodoulides
  • Florent Luyckx
  • Pete Watson
  • Jennifer O’brien
  • Leonid Shyrin
  • Adrienn Zsédenyi
  • Deivydas Zvonkus
  • Sasha Saedi
  • Alexey Gross
  • Grzegorz Urban

The Public Jury ( Audience Panel)

One member of the public jury explains in a video that the first stage of the selection was quite long, with almost 2 hours of listening to screen the best songs. In the second phase, 10 short-listed songs were presented to the jury.

Many of the contenders would be similar according to Argyro, member of the International Expert Jury from Cyprus. However, a few stand out. One thing is sure: both juries will work hard to bring Switzerland to the Grand final again in Rotterdam next May.

Artist and Song Reveal in March

SRF will reveal the decision concerning both the song and the singer(s) in March 2020. As we have three good months to wait and see who will fly the Swiss flag in Rotterdam, let us watch again the performance of Luca Hänni with She got me on stage in Tel Aviv!