Eurovision 2020: Directors pleased with Rotterdam’s victory: the madness begins

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,795 views

Following the official announcement of the 2020 Eurovision Host City, the two Dutch directors of the show have revealed more details about their forthcoming roles.

Marnix Kaart and Marc Pos have been appointed as the 2020 Eurovision Show Directors, they will work hand in hand in order to showcase the 40 plus competing acts, the opening and interval acts and oversee the three live shows and nine rehearsals.

They are both very happy and pleased that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will be held at the Rotterdam Ahoy, as the venue has excelllent infrastruture and facilities to host the event.

Regarding Rotterdam Ahoy, Kaart goes on to comment:

This was my personal favorite.

I know Ahoy well, so I know what the possibilities are. Especially the height of the room is nice.

Eventhough they were not involved in taking the final decision, they did offer their advice to the organizing committee.

Grand legendary opening

Both directors want to open the competition with a grand opening at Rotterdam Ahoy:

The opening must be legendary. We immediately think of the music.

The directors started to work on the show right after the 2020 Host City reveal yesterday. Marc will focus on the set design and structure for the circa 40 competing acts.

Marc Pos says:

This will be the biggest TV show ever in The Netherlands. It will be something unique and very special.

Kaart and Pos will be having a busy schedule in the coming months as May will be just round the corner in a blink! Many important decisions will be made in the coming weeks and in the lead up to Christmas. Then from April to May they will be practically living in the venue as the whole stage and show has to come together followed by the stand in rehearsals, main rehearsals and the live shows.

The directors will be involved in the staging of the competing acts:

We are fully involved in what the countries come up with. The preparation varies enormously per country. For example, Sweden comes to us with a complete scenario and lighting plan. Other countries desperately need our support.

They are both happy and delighted with the hectic schedule ahead of them and would like the show to have the MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS stamp, thus showcasing the country’s essence.

Pos adds:

In any case, I want you to see that it was made in The Netherlands.

If you are in this profession, this is a dream come true.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will be co-hosted by three Dutch public broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS in coordination with the EBU.

Eurovision 2020 will be held at the Rotterdam Ahoy on 12, 14 and 16 May.

Source: NOS/ESCToday