Tel Aviv Live: Time for Malta’s first rehearsal

by Eleanor Cooper 1,267 views

Rehearsals are now well and truly underway in the city of Tel Aviv, which will be hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Today sees the fourth day of rehearsals, with the second half of the second semi-final evening taking to the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv.

Nine countries are all set to make their debut onstage, 9 days before their live performance at the second semi-final. Following their rehearsal, a Meet & Greet session will be coming next. These countries are CroatiaMaltaLithuaniaRussiaAlbaniaNorwayThe Netherlands, North Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

The second competing act to rehearse on-stage today is Malta, which is being represented by the young artist Michela Pace. With one of this year’s pop entries, the Maltese entries promises to make us dance to the rhythm of… Chameleon!

Michela appears on stage wearing ripped white jeans and a white jacket over a white top. Her hair is tied up in a bun. As her dancers are also in very casual clothes, it seems like this isn’t going to be her final stage outfit, especially as it doesn’t fit with the very tropical theme of the song and staging.

Gallery of Malta’s first rehearsal