Tel Aviv Live: Time for Poland’s first rehearsal

by Eleanor Cooper 1,100 views

Rehearsals are now well and truly underway in the city of Tel Aviv, which will be hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Today sees the first day of rehearsals, with the first half of the first semi-final evening taking to the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv.

9 countries are all set to make their debut onstage, 10 days before the live show of the first semi-final. Following their rehearsal, a Meet & Greet session will be coming next. These countries are CyprusMontenegroFinlandPolandSloveniaCzech RepublicHungaryBelarus and Serbia.

The fourth act which sees their first rehearsal today is the girl power from Poland! The folk group Tulia have flied to Tel Aviv in order to represent their country with the folk sound Fire of love (Pali się).

As anticipated, Tulia remain true to their heritage by wearing their traditional Polish dresses. The girls are all wearing red jackets with vertically striped red, blue and yellow skirts, which sway nicely as they sing.

The girls begin their performance with adorned in red sparkly veils, which they remove to reveal beautiful elaborate golden headdresses, embellished with feathers, flowers and jewels, and ribbons matching their skirts. They have forgone their trademark braids, instead opting for simple buns in order to maximise the impact of the headdresses.

Gallery of Poland’s first rehearsal