France: Lisa Angell makes a fresh start at The Voice 8

by Stratos Agadellis 1,252 views

It’s never too late to do what you love… That’s a big lesson that we all have to learn from Lisa Angell’s attitude to life. Despite receiving a poor result in 2015 that harmed the career, as she stated, the former French Eurovision entrant decided to start from zero, with a participation at the eighth version of France’s The Voice: la plus belle voix!

When nothing can stop you

Virginie Vetrano (aka Lisa Angell) was selected internally as the French representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, with the song N’oubliez pas. However, her performance on the stage in Vienna didn’t provide her and her nation with a desirable Eurovision result, as she ended up only 25th in the final, among 27 participating acts.

After singing at this year’s The Voice, Lisa Angell admitted that the post-Eurovision era wasn’t a pleasant experience, since her career declined significantly and no one was interested in her music. She had also been negatively criticized of her looks and her age, something that did not leave her much space to develop as a singer, as she stated.

Nevertheless, her behavior shows that she didn’t leave those reasons to put an end to her career. Instead, the 50-year-old singer is trying to do what she loves again, this time being judged only by her voice’s potentials.

Below you may enjoy her performing the song This is me by Keala Settle, for the film The Greatest Showman:

Her participation didn’t leave the show’s judges indifferent, as 2 of them (namely Julien Clerc and Soprano) pressed the buzzer, willing to add her to their team’s composition. When she later introduced herself to the show, she talked about her Eurovision experience, mentioning what is written above. “I’m here to reset the timers!“, she said and the whole audience applaused.

The legendary French artist Julien Clerc, who serves as one of the four coaches, listened carefully to the candidate’s story and stressed that she needs to be more confident, while another coach, the Lebanese-English singer Mika ended up saying that he regretted not having pressed the magic button.

At the end, Lisa picked Julien Clerc as her coach and joined his team, as she wanted to get to know him better, she pointed out. Let’s see how it goes for her from now on…

Before we follow Lisa’s sequel to the show, let’s recall her performance on the Eurovision stage in 2015:

Bonne chance dans votre nouveau départ, Lisa Angell!