Denmark: DR unveils DMGP 2019 hosts

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,004 views

DR, the Danish national broadcaster, has unveiled the hosts for 2019 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. The upcoming Danish national final will be hosted by two dashing well known Danish artists:  Kristian Gintberg and Johannes Nymark.

The 2019 Danish national final- DMGP is set to be held at the Boxen Arena in Herning on 23 February. The show will be broadcast live on DR 1 at 20:00 CEST. A total of 10 acts will battle for the golden ticket to Tel Aviv.

This year DR has opted to have an all male duo to host the event, instead of the traditional mixed duo. Kristian Gintberg and Johannes Nymark will have the grand honour of hosting the forthcoming 2019 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

Johannes Nymark is a familiar face to Eurovision aficionados as he represented Denmark at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stokcholm as part of Lighthouse X and has hosted the Danish national final twice before. 2019 will see him hosting the Danish heats for the third consecutive time.

Johannes Nymark is pleased to be DGMP’s host for the third consecutive year:

It’ll be mega great!  It has been great fun hosting the show during the past two years,  guiding both the television viewers and the audience in the hall throughout the show.

It has been a great part of my life, first participating in the Melodi Grand Prix and then hosting the show – the third time so far. The more you do it, the more confident you get. This means that I can relax even more in the role this year. Practice makes perfect!

Johannes goes on to comment about co-hosting the show Kristian:

There is a huge difference between how the dynamics work when you stand with someone else on stage and have to carry out such a task together.

It is not so much about whether you are a man or a woman, but about the energy that arises in the relationship on the stage. Annette and I fit nicely well together, and I think Kristian and I get along well and have great energy together too.

Kristian is looking forward to hosting DMGP next month:

It will be really crazy, because all the people who come in and see the show are fans. When you see it on television, you can really feel the excitment in the hall.

It is the largest program DR has, and it is also a tradition. It feels like a feast when the Eurovision and DMGP are held.  It’s a bit like the European Football Championship – just for music. I am very proud to be the host.

I have never actually been to Boxen myself, but I remember how impressed I was when I hosted MGP in Gigantium in Aalborg some years ago. I can just walk it up now, because this is even bigger.

Kristian Gintberg will be hosting the DMGP for the very first time having hosted the junior version of the competition in Denmark before.

Denmark in Eurovision

Denmark debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and has won the competition thrice: 1963 (Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann),  2000 (Olsen Brothers) and 2013 (Emmelie de Forest).

The nordic country has hosted the competetition thrice in its iconic capital Copenhagen (1964, 2001 and 2014) and also played host to the 50th Eurovision anniversary special show in 2005.

In 2018 the Danes went Viking and selected Rasmussen to fly the Danish flag at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with Higher ground, placing 9th in the Grand Final.