The Netherlands: Anouk releases her Dutch album Wen D’r Maar Aan

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Dutch diva of rock Anouk has presented her first full Dutch-language album Wen d’r maar aan.

Wen d’r maar aan (“Get used to it”) is the latest album by Dutch Eurovision 2013 representative Anouk and it’s the artists’ first entire Dutch work. Produced in collaboration with Swedish duo Tore Johansson and Martin Gjerstad, who have worked with Anouk before, the album has a new distinctive sound and again showcases Anouks’ versatility as a singer.

Cover of Anouk’s Wen d’r maar aan album

The album includes the previously released singles Dominique (dedicated to Anouks’ partner Dominique Schemmekes) and Lente (“Spring”, an ode to the season), besides her latest single Het is klaar (“It is done”). Moving away from Anouks’ signature rock style, the lyrics of the various songs convey very personal stories, such as the title track Wen d’r maar aan, which translated states:

You can hate me, talk behind my back

I am who I am

I’ll keep on standing, so get used to it

Yes I am who I am

They are hating you and me

It’s hard for me to be myself

I’ve been fighting too long

Against all the people who expect far more than I can give

They’re talking about you and me

And think they know who we are

It means nothing to me


I’ve put a mask on

That’s how I go through life

So that nobody knows me

I’ve given up the courage


I’ll keep standing, yes, get used to it

I am who I am

Often unpopular but not written off yet

No, no, oh no

It means nothing to me

No, no, oh no”

Wen d’r maar aan tracklist

Wen d’r maar aan contains twelve songs:

1. Wen d’r maar aan (“Get used to it”)

2. Ik mis je (“I miss you”)

3. Jij (“You”)

4. Liefde kent geen haat (“Love knows no hate”)

5. Kom terug (“Come back”)

6. Red mij (“Save me”)

7. Het is klaar (“It is done”)

8. Zwart is de lucht (“Black is the sky”)

9. Lawaai (“Noise”)

10. Lente (“Spring”)

11. Ver weg van jou (“Far away from you”)

12. Dominique

Wen d’r maar aan is available now here.

Anouk has also released the official music video for the single Het is klaar (“It is done”):

Anouk at Eurovision 2013

Anouk Teeuwe (The Hague, 1975), one of the most popular and successful female rock artist of the Netherlands, represented her country at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. With her dark ballad Birds she ultimately reached a respectable 9th place in the Grand Final, earning 114 points.