Switzerland: Timebelle and Soundland have done it again

by Stefano 657 views

For those of you who are still following Apollo, we have good news! Switzerland’s representatives to Eurovision in 2017 have released a new song. Heartache is the latest collaboration between Timebelle and Soundland.

They represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine. With their yellow dress and their chorus they are still in the minds (and in the hearts) of many of us.

A big reunion

The Swiss-Romanian band Timebelle is back with a new track. And it’s – again – a collaboration with Romanian DJ duo from BucharestSoundland. The title of the latest collaboration is Heartache. Just last year the same collaboration brought to all of us the song Come around.

Discover the official video of Heartache here:

Timebelle in Eurovision

Timebelle represented Switzerland in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. Despite a powerful performance, their song Apollo landed at the 12th spot in the semi final, missing out the qualification for only 4 points. Already in 2015 they attempted to represent the land-locked country, arriving second at Die Entscheidungsshow with Singing about love after Melanie René‘s Time to shine.

Watch again the perfomance of Timebelle on stage in Kiev: