Germany: Michael Schulte welcomes a healthy baby boy!

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Congratulations to Germany’s Michael Schulte and his wife Katharina! The couple became the parents of a baby boy, Luis.

The Eurovision family has got a new member, as Germany’s ESC 2018 representative Michael Schulte became a father last week! The artist and his wife Katharina Schulte-Mayer, who married last June, became the proud parents of a baby boy on 17 August 2018, Luis Schulte.

The German singer performed the emotional song You let me walk alone, inspired by the loss of his father, at Eurovision 2018. A loss that may never be fully healed, yet with the birth of little Luis, Michael and Katharina will walk a new path of love together as a family.

Michael Schulte proudly announced the birth of his son on Facebook:

The singer-songwriter also shared a picture of himself, tenderly holding the newborn in his arms:

17.8.2018 | Luis Schulte ❤️

Geplaatst door Michael Schulte op Zondag 19 augustus 2018

Needless to say, Michael and Katharina are very happy and are enjoying their time as fresh parents.

ESCToday congratulates the couple and wishes them, and Luis, all happiness, health, luck and love!

At Eurovision 2018

Singer-songwriter and YouTube-star Michael Schulte represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. With his heartfelt ballad You let me walk alone, inspired by the passing away of his father, the artist ultimately reached an honourable 4th place in the Grand Final, receiving 340 points.

You let me walk alone became a major hit throughout Europe.