Eurovision 2019: Hosting criteria published by KAN; Tel Aviv taking the lead?

by Jessica Weaver 3,345 views

What are the requirements for cities hoping to submit a bid for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest? The Israeli national broadcaster – KAN – has published the official criteria ahead of the city selection taking place later this year, with one city in particular looking like a likelier option as next year’s host city.

The hosting criteria for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest has official been revealed by the Israeli national broadcaster – KAN – in which the Israeli Eurovision team and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will be looking to see which bidding cities reach the full specification as a potential host city for the forthcoming competition.

Following the release of the criteria for potential host cities, 2 cities seem to be in the running to host the next Eurovision Song Contest: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. But why is one city looking more hopeful than the other?

Criteria for bidding cities

In the publication of the criteria from KAN, it is clear that there are 3 main points which need to be met in the application process from each of the bidding cities.

The first is the stadium capacity for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. A fully covered hall must be available from March 2019 all the way through to May 2019, accommodating between 8,000 to 12,000 spectators. This includes from seated and standing.

As well as the competition venue, a press centre must be allocated close by to the venue in question, allowing at least 1,500 journalists to attend the centre in the weeks ahead of the contest.

According to, 2 cities stand out following the revelation of the first point: both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Whilst the Pais Arena in Jerusalem seems a likely option if the city in question is chosen, Tel Aviv reportedly has 2 venues which would be suitable to host the event, those being the Menora Mivtachim Arena and the Pavilion 2 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center.

The second point is that rehearsals must be able to take place over the weekend period. Rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest typically run over the course of 2 weeks, including 2 weekends.

Discussion has arisen in recent weeks as to whether Jerusalem would be an appropriate city to host the event with rehearsals in question due to the day of the Sabbath and, whilst not impossible, it gives the lead to Tel Aviv looking a more favourable host for the event.

Netta’s winning performance at the Eurovision 2018 final

The final major criterion in that the bidding host city should be able to provide at least 3,000 hotel rooms, which both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv can accommodate.

With the above points in question, this could potentially rule out both Eilat and Haifa as host cities for the event due to not reaching the full criteria. However, all cities will be able to submit their candidacy up until the 17 July.

A final decision, together with the selection of the competition dates, will be determined by September this year.