Lithuania: Donny Montell unveils Žiūrėk Ką Padarei

by Roy Knoops 1,241 views

Lithuania’s Donny Montell has released the vibrant video for Žiūrėk ką padarei.

Two-time Eurovision participant Donny Montell from Lithuania is back with a bang. Since his first appearance on the international Eueovision stage in 2012, the young singer has developed into one of the Baltic country’s most beloved and versatile artists.

Žiūrėk ką padarei (“Look what you have done”) is his latest single, a provocative track about destructive relationships and heartbreak, and it’s the follow-up to the Lithuanian single Nieko verta (“Nothing worth it”) from December 2017.

Dark video and message

In the accompanying music video for Žiūrėk ką padarei, Donny releases his inner bad boy, portraying tumultuous emotions and fury with a gangster flair: a story about fake love based on sex and money, leading to bloody knuckles, burning piano’s and dire depression.

The dark clip powerfully expresses the theme of the song, which was written in collaboration with well-known Swedish lyricist Joy Deb who (co-)wrote many national selection and Eurovision songs (including Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw, You by Robin Stjernberg and Monsters by Saara Aalto).

Donny Montell presented the song live last Wednesday, 4 July, at a private fan concert in the Botanical Gardens of Vilnius University, accompanied by the VU chamber orchestra.

The music video was directed by Dominykas Bliznikas. Enjoy Žiūrėk ką padarei!

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At Eurovision

Donny Montell (born Donatas Montvydas, Vilnius, 1987) is a Lithuanian singer-songwriter. He represented his country at Eurovision on two occasions and has participated in Lithuania’s national selection several times.

At the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, the artist reached a solid 14th place in the Grand Final with his groovy entry Love is blind, earning 70 points.

Returning to the stage of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden, the singer respectably placed 9th in the Grand Final, receiving 200 points with his up-beat entry I’ve been waiting for this night.