Will Ferrell to star in Netflix comedy film about the Eurovision Song Contest

by Jessica Weaver 2,530 views

What does the Eurovision Song Contest and Will Ferrell have in common? On first glance, not a lot. However a connection is set to be made, as the actor and comedian is now set to co-write and feature in his newest film, entitled Eurovision, in collaboration with streaming platform Netflix.

Back at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, it was reported that actor and comedian Will Ferrell was seen in many locations across the Eurovision host city of Lisbon, where he met some of this year’s contestants as well as checked out the venue for the competition.


Many fans and media sources asked the same question: why? Reports followed that the actor himself was potentially set to appear in a new film or television programme in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest, however only today has to news been confirmed by the streaming website, Netflix.

Will Ferrell to star in Eurovision… the film that is

Earlier today, Netflix announced that Will Ferrell will co-write and star in the site’s newest feature film, named after the annual competition itself: Eurovision.

Ferrell will work alongside Andrew Steele in order to produce the latest comedy, with the writing duo having already collaborated in previous projects including Casa de mi padre and A deadly adoption.

According to Deadline, other names set to work on the production of the film alongside Ferrell and Steele include Jessica Elbaum and Adam McKay, who will produce for Gary Sanchez Productions.

The comedian confirmed earlier this year that he has been a big fan of the competition since 1999, following an introduction to the annual European event by his Swedish wife, the same year this his wife’s home nation won the event.

Charlotte Perrelli (née Nilsson) won Eurovision 1999 with Take me to your heaven

Very few details have been released about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest-based film; all that is known currently is that it will be a comedy film based on the competition. Further details are expected over the coming months.

Are you excited to hear about Will Ferrell’s Eurovision-related comedy?