Hungary: We did not expect so much love from Eurovision, says AWS’s vocalist

by Jessica Weaver 813 views

AWS became the unexpected heroes of the metal world at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest last month, with the Hungarian group managing to qualify to the Grand Final of the competition, despite uncertainty from Eurovision fans. Now, the lead singer of the group has revealed more about his and the band’s Eurovision experience.

AWS were selected to represent Hungary at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with their entry Viszlát nyár, becoming the only metal song to compete at this year’s competition in Lisbon.

Despite receiving criticism for their entry from Eurovision fans both nationally and internationally, the group managed to advance to the Grand Final of the competition last month, eventually receiving 93 points and finishing in 21st position.

Following their live performances, the band received much positive feedback from fans across the globe, a reaction which the lead member of AWS, Örs Siklósi, revealed was unexpected.

AWS’s Eurovision experience

In a recent interview from, Siklósi spoke of his experience at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, as well as the band’s future plans following their Eurovision participation.

Asked about his experience once returning home from Lisbon, Siklósi revealed:

We did not think they would love us so much! They probably liked us that much because we did not play ourselves, we did not force a role on the stage. Never before have I seen Eurovision in my life, but it was positive to bring people together. The audience, the performers, the organizers were all open and nice. It was a good feeling that no matter what country you came from, we got along well. We did not just play good, we had a good beer together…

Siklósi went on to reveal that, despite his dislike for flying, his trips to the Eurovision parties in Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the competition in Lisbon, Portugal was worth it, describing the whole experience as incredible.

Siklósi added that there was a lot of pressure put on the band during their Eurovision participation as representatives of Hungary.

There was pressure, of course. Because we were music diplomats of Hungary, and it was very important to see what kind of reaction was received for our country. But we got really positive feedback. The fact that this was the end result, I admit, I was glad because the many interviews and the constant presence had been a bit much.

AWS’s performance at the final of Eurovision 2018

The lead band member has confirmed that the group are currently working on their next album following their Eurovision participation, with the aim of releasing their album this coming September.