Albania: Eugent Bushpepa thrilled with Eurovision 2018 result

by Roy Knoops 4,461 views

Albania’s Eugent Bushpepa thanks Europe for its support at Eurovision 2018.

Just a few days after rock star Eugent Bushpepa from Albania impressed Europe’s audience with his vocal capacity, the singer has thanked his fans for their support.

He has stated through his social media:

I cannot find words to describe the feeling I have, the love, support, and warm comments you have given me! Thank you very much Albania! Many thanks to Europe!

Nuk gjej fjale qe te pershkruaj ndjesine qe kam, per dashurine, perkrahjen dhe komentet e ngrohta qe me keni dhene! Shume faleminderit Shqiperi! Shume faleminderit Europe!

Geplaatst door Eugent Bushpepa op zondag 13 mei 2018

Eugent is very happy with his result, earning a very decent 11th place in the Grand Final with his rock anthem Mall (“Yearning”), with 184 points.