The Netherlands: Ilse DeLange to go on first solo tour in Germany

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Dutch artist Ilse DeLange, front-woman of The Common Linnets, will take her clubtour to Germany.

Clubtour 2018

As former Linnet Waylon has just returned to the Netherlands from Portugal, front-woman of The Common Linnets, Ilse DeLange, is spreading her wings in the direction of Germany. The Dutch singer is all set to embark on her solo clubtour, starting this autumn, which will take her to Germany as well.

It is the first time Ilse DeLange tours through Germany as a solo artist, having had particular success in the country with her formation The Common Linnets.

Ilse is very excited about her upcoming clubtour, as she shared on Facebook:

Hallo Deutschland, Ich kann kaum warten bis es soweit ist!! My first solo tour in Germany will start in October…tickets are available now: www.ilsedelange.comHoffentlich sehen wir uns dann!!!

Geplaatst door Ilse DeLange op dinsdag 15 mei 2018

For information and ticket prices, please visit Ilse DeLange’s official website or Facebook-page.

When Ilse met Johnny

Ilse recently celebrated her birthday, which coincides with the birthday of legendary multiple Eurovision winner Johnny Logan from Ireland, and the two just happened to meet in the German TV-show ZDF Fersehgarten! The Dutch artist shared a picture of the occasion:

Ilse DeLange is one of the Netherlands’ most popular and successful female artists, both as a solo performer and as frontwoman of The Common Linnets.

Together with guest frontman Waylon, The Common Linnets achieved an honourable 2nd place in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2014, receiving 238 points with their enigmatic country ballad Calm after the storm.