France: Destination Eurovision expected to return for 2019

by Jessica Weaver 1,041 views

2018 saw the introduction of a national selection process for France under the name Destination Eurovision, with the selection gaining mass attraction amongst Eurovision fans within the country and beyond. Now, the President of France Télévisions has revealed that the French selection is expected to return for 2019!

Saturday saw the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest taking place in the host city of Lisbon, in which France was represented by Madame Monsieur, the duo selected to compete for the country through the nation’s newest selection process for the competition.

On the night of the final, the duo received a total of 173 points from the 43 competing countries for their entry Mercy, finishing in 13th position on the night.

Madame Monsieur performing at the final of Eurovision 2018

The French selection process for 2018 was successful across the country, receiving an average of 2.5 million viewers throughout the competition.

Now, the national selection – Destination Eurovision – looks as if it’s set to return for the 2019 competition, with the nation set to determine their entry for Israel next year.

France Télévisions-President reacts

Following the final results of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, France Télévisions’ President – Delphine Ernotte – reacted to France’s placing at the competition, along with her thoughts on the winning entry from Israel.

Speaking to Télé Loisirs, Ernotte reacted to the final French results:

I am especially disappointed for [Madame Monsieur] […] I would have preferred for them to be better placed, or even win. But they will realize that this is a great experience. I have no doubt that they will continue their momentum.

Ernotte added her thoughts on Toy, the winning entry of Netta and Israel at Eurovision 2018:

I was very happy that Israel won this title. Because it gives an image of strong women who assume what they are. I would not have liked an artist who offers a more traditional view of women to be put forward. And the French professional jury gave them 12 points!

Destination Eurovision in 2019?

Ernotte went on to speak of her thoughts on the French national selection process for 2018, revealing that she believed the selection was the right choice for the country “because the public chose [the song]”.

Asked for her thoughts on Destination Eurovision, Ernotte revealed:

Destination Eurovision is a good formula. We intend to continue it.

Madame Monsieur at the final of Destination Eurovision 2018

France Télévisions has yet to officially confirm France’s participation at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, with further details expected over the months to come.