Slovenia: Lea Sirk embarks on Hvala, ne! tour

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Slovenian artist Lea Sirk is ready to perform throughout Slovenia with her Hvala, ne! tour.

She has just returned from Lisbon to her native Slovenia, but there is no rest for Lea Sirk: the singer is all set to present her Hvala, ne! tour.

Lea Sirk, who hails from the coastal region of Primorska and is a mother of two young children, proudly represented her country in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018 with her upbeat entry Hvala, ne! (Thanks, no!). She will now give several concerts in her homeland, starting this Friday.

The artist has stated:

Eurovision has been an unforgettable experience, but I can’t wait to come home. I’m already thinking ahead to my Slovenian tour, #hvalane. I can’t wait to hit the stages at home as a solo artist and with a repertoire which will represent a journey through my music career. I am delighted that I can go on sharing with people what I live for – my music – and connect even more with my audience.

Lea Sirk is sure to bring her enthusiastic energy to the stage!

Dates of the Hvala, ne! tour

  • 18/05 – Klub Branibor, Celje
  • 19/05 – Radenci
  • 26/05 – Hiša Mladih, Ajdovščina

Visit Lea Sirk’s official website or Facebook page for more information.

With the song Hvala, ne!, Lea Sirk reached place 22 in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, earning 64 points.