Israel: Netta celebrates Eurovision 2018 victory in Tel Aviv

by Roy Knoops 824 views

Nothing suits a victory better than a grand party, and that’s what the city of Tel Aviv did: Eurovision 2018 winner Netta Barzilai was treated to a dazzling celebration!

A massive crowd gathered Monday evening at Rabin Square in the bustling city of Tel Aviv to crown this years’ queen of Eurovision, Netta Barzilai. Thousands of people had gathered, many young girls and women wearing their hair in Netta’s iconic style, in honour of the powerful message of the song Toy.

The City Hall was lit up with the word “TOY” and Netta’s name, the artist’s picture was proudly displayed throughout the streets.

As Netta’s victory coincides with the celebrations in remembrance of Israel’s 70th anniversary as an independent state, the party witnessed an exuberant crowd, warmed up by DJ Dalit Rechester.

A host of former Israeli Eurvision stars took to the stage, including Izhar Cohen, Gali Atari, Avi Toledano, Orna and Moshe Datz (Duo Datz), Shiri Maimon and Israel’s Eurovision 1998 winner Dana International.

Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai finally introduced Netta on stage, the singer applauded by the huge crowd. She stated:

I love you all, my loves. There is a unity that hasn’t been seen here for years. Everything is for you, thank you so much. We have a reason to be happy, don’t let anybody put your fire out – nobody will put our fire out. I am proud of you and I am proud of the delegation.

Netta performed her winning entry Toy two times, accompanied by the enthusiastic crowd. The party went on for hours, the country looking forward to hosting the competition in 2019.