Bulgaria: Head of Delegation discusses Eurovision 2018 results; participation in 2019?

by Jessica Weaver 12,255 views

Since their return in 2016, Bulgaria is one country which has done incredibly well at the Eurovision Song Contest, with 2 top 5 placings since their return. For 2018, Bulgaria received a lower but still respectable 14th position with Equinox and their entry Bones, with the country’s Head of Delegation since revealing their thoughts on this year’s results.

2018 saw a total of 43 countries competing at the Eurovision Song Contest, both from the continent of Europe and beyond. Bulgaria competed for a twelfth time at the competition, this time being represented by a group especially put together for the competition – Equinox – with the entry Bones.

Having qualified from the first semi-final in 7th position, the country eventually received a total of 166 points at the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in 14th place.

Equinox’s final performance at Eurovision 2018

Head of Delegation reacts

Following the final revelation of the Eurovision 2018 results, the Bulgaria Head of Delegation (HoD) – Joana Levieva-Sawyer – revealed her thoughts on the final outcome of the results via the official BNT Eurovision Twitter account. Regarding their placing, the Bulgarian HoD stated:

We don’t feel injustice with the result, [because] there was a very strong competition this year. It seems that our song was one of those which you should be listening to more than once to truly appreciate.


Speaking of Israel’s victory at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Levieva-Sawyer continued:

Israel won because ordinary people were able get behind her message. It was a statement that an ordinary person can be also a star. That’s a clash with the [established] opinion that you should be perfect in order to make a career.


Why was there a lack of votes from Bulgaria’s neighbouring countries?: a question asked by fans across the continent. The Bulgarian HoD revealed:

We can discuss as much as we want the fact why our neighbours didn’t vote for us but the reality is that neither we, nor they are obliged to do it. We insist that our jury votes are independent and based on objective criteria.


Participation in 2019?

Concluding her statement, Levieva-Sawyer shone a positive light of the future participation of Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest, revealing:

BNT will continue to take part at Eurovision and to help in all possible ways our musicians to take advantage of that big stage. Our goal is to continue contributing to the quality of the contest as much as we can.


Whilst BNT has yet to officially confirm Bulgaria’s participation at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest specifically, the country’s participation in future editions of the competition seems positive.