Norway: JOWST wants to compose UK entry for Eurovision 2019

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Would you like to see JOWST back at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future? The music producer and songwriter has shown his interest in becoming involved in the 2019 competition, but this time not competing for his home country of Norway…

It has only been a couple of days since Israel was announced as the winner of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, but one previous participant has already expressed his interest in competing at the 2019 competition.

JOWST, who represented Norway in 2017 and composed yet another competing entry in Melodi Grand Prix 2018, has revealed that he would like to compose yet another song for the Eurovision Song Contest, but this time not for his home country… the producer would instead like to compose an entry for the United Kingdom.

Showing his interest via his Twitter account, the former Norwegian representative revealed:

I want to compose the UK 2019 song for Eurovision. I would make a song that even the Eurovision – mockers would like. The only problem is to find a artist there that don’t care about their own media. Who could that be?

Suggestions for JOWST

Since his announcement, many fans have taken to Twitter to offer JOWST some artist suggestions for 2019. One suggestion was the 2018 British representative SuRie, who many believe should be given a second chance at Eurovision following the unwelcome stage invasion which occurred on Saturday evening during the UK’s performance.

Other Twitter suggestions include Paloma Faith, the UK’s Alex Larke from 2015 (who revealed that he would be up for returning), Aluna George and James Blunt.

Another Eurovision artist who has expressed their interest is Armenia’s 2015 representative, Tamar Kaprelian, who replied to JOWST’s tweet:

Asked why he wants to compose an entry for the United Kingdom, JOWST said:

Partly cause it seems like they have the worst attitude towards Eurovision, and partly because the songs they send does not match the awesomeness that are coming from their well known artists. And the fact that the major artist don’t dare to participate.

JOWST later added what kind of artist he is looking for:

I’m just looking for [an] artist with a big “A”. Someone with passion, some kind of image, and goals for her/himself. And with some songwriter skills, so she/he could get more ownership over the song.

Anyone interested in JOWST’s plans can contact that music producer via his email address at [email protected].

JOWST competing at Eurovision 2017 for Norway with Grab the moment