Germany: Michael Schulte jams with Mikolas Josef and Ryan O’Shaughnessy

by Roy Knoops 643 views

Germany, Czech Republic and Ireland team up for a jam session, singing each others’ ESC 2018 entries together.

One of the pleasures of Eurovision is watching artists from different countries teaming up in the true spirit of musical unity. Eurostars Michael Schulte from Germany, Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic and Ryan O’Shaughnessy from Ireland had a little jam session, having fun singing their Eurovision 2018 songs together, You let me walk alone, Lie to me and Together.


Michael Schulte will perform You let me walk alone in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018, while Mikolas Josef and Ryan O’Shaughnessy will both perform in Semi-Final 1 on Tuesday 8 May, respectively from positions 5 and 18.