ESCToday Exclusive: Yianna Terzi performs English version of Oniro mou

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This evening saw the fourth episode of ESCToday’s Eurovision Live Lounge, in which Greece’s Yianna Terzi joined us via our official Facebook page. What did the singer have to say?

ESCToday’s Eurovision Live Lounge continued tonight with the fourth episode in our latest series. This evening we travelled to the Mediterranean country of Greece, where we spoke to the nation’s 2018 Eurovision representative, Yianna Terzi.

During her live show via ESCToday’s Facebook page, Terzi was joined by members of her Eurovision team where she discussed her upcoming plans for the competition over the coming weeks.

The Greek singer answered your questions, such as speaking of her plans for after the competition, advice she has received from former Greek representatives and discussed her favourite of the 2018 competition.

Exclusive English version of Eternity (Oniro mou)

During her live show, Terzi treated us to an exclusive listen to the first half of her Eurovision entry, Oniro mou, performed in the English language! The English version is as well as the Greek one, penned by Yianna herself and Aris Kalimeris and will be released under the title Eternity.

Terzi was not alone for her performance, as she was joined by former X Factor Greece participants, Stereo Soul.

Check out Terzi’s performance during our Eurovision Live Lounge!


If you search in,
My deep ocean,
I’ll be waiting,
With devotion

If you show me,
What’s inside you,
I’ll be standing,
Right beside you

I’ll never let you down,
I would never run away from you,
Cause my heart will not give up on you,
You’re my endless sea, my eternity

In our darkest time,
I will shine a light and carry you,
Cause my heart will not give up on you,
You’re my endless sea, my eternity

Whilst Terzi performed the English version of her Eurovision entry during today’s Eurovision Live Lounge, Terzi told her fans not to worry as the song will still be performed completely in Greek on the Eurovision stage.

Missed tonight’s Eurovision Live Lounge? Watch the video again through our Facebook page below!

Part 1

Geplaatst door ESCToday op zondag 22 april 2018


Part 2

Geplaatst door ESCToday op zondag 22 april 2018

Greece will perform in the first semi-final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest on the 8 May, hoping to advance to the final of the contest on the 12 May.

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