OGAE Poll 2018: Estonia is next to unveil their votes

by Jessica Weaver 2,497 views

ESCToday, in collaboration with OGAE International for an 11th year running, will be presenting this year’s results of the 2018 poll, in which 44 clubs will be casting their votes for their favourite entry of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. OGAE Estonia is next to cast their votes.

Voting is currently underway across the OGAE International clubs, each of whom are set to determine their favourite entries of the Lisbon-hosted 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

OGAE Estonia is next to reveal their votes in the OGAE Poll 2018, with a total of 22 members voting.

Top 10 from OGAE Estonia

With the votes now in, this is how OGAE Estonia voted in the OGAE Poll 2018:

  • 1 point went to Azerbaijan
  • 2 points went to Poland
  • 3 points went to Lithuania
  • 4 points went to Finland
  • 5 points went to the Czech Republic
  • 6 points went to Cyprus
  • 7 points went to Austria
  • 8 points went to… Sweden
  • 10 points went to… France
  • 12 points went to… Australia!

Australia’s Jessica Mauboy receives another set of 12 points in the OGAE Poll 2018. Notably, OGAE Estonia has become the first club this year to not award any points to the current leader, Israel.

Current top 5

Here’s a top 5 update in the OGAE Poll 2018:

  1. Israel: 250 points
  2. France: 174 points
  3. Finland: 119 points
  4. Australia: 113 points
  5. Bulgaria: 92 points

As always, you can check out the constantly-updated scoreboard via the official OGAE International website, where you can see which countries are currently topping the 2018 poll!