The Netherlands: Eurovision 2018 stars get a taste of Dutch sweets!

by Roy Knoops 539 views

A host of Eurovision 2018 participants recently visited Amsterdam for the pre-party Eurovision In Concert, and magazine Televizier treated them to traditional Dutch candy.

While visiting a foreign country, it’s a custom to get a taste of their national delicacies. The Eurostars that performed at Eurovision In Concert last Saturday took a bite of stroopwafels (treacle-waffles) and drop (licorice candy), offered to them by magazine Televizier.

Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso, Ukraine’s Melovin, DoReDos from Moldova, Slovenia’s Lea Sirk, Albania’s Eugent Bushpepa, Montenegro’s Vanja Radovanović, Malta’s Christabelle, Denmark’s Rasmussen and Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic mostly enjoyed the sweets, although the drop wasn’t exactly to Mikolas’ taste…

Ultimately, no candy can be as sweet as the Eurostars themselves, of course.