The Netherlands: Waylon unveils the official music video for Outlaw In ‘Em

by Roy Knoops 754 views

Dutch country rocker Waylon has revealed the official video to accompany his ESC 2018 entry Outlaw in ’em.

In line with the title of his latest album The world can wait, Dutch Eurovision 2018 representative Waylon took his sweet time to present the official music video for his song Outlaw in ’em, opting to entertain the public with a registration of a live performance until now.

This evening the country rock-star has finally unveiled the video for Outlaw in ’em, paying tribute to the little rebel that hides in him, ánd everyone of us. Waylon describes the idea behind Outlaw in ’em and the video:

Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.

The video was directed and edited by Shawn Brinks of Artist Intelligence, who also filmed Waylon’s musical world in the documentaries The Last Outlaw and The Kid. Camera work by Ferry Hoppener and Roemer van Oostenbrugge.

The imagery shows Waylon riding on his motorcycle into a desolate landscape, leaving the boundaries and confining laws of conventional society behind him, finding freedom as an artist.

Enjoy the video!:

RTL Late Night

Tonight Waylon will also visit the popular TV-show RTL Late Night on channel RTL4, starting at 22.30 CET. The artist will talk about his new album, his passion for music and of course his Eurovision-adventure.

Waylon will perform Outlaw in ’em from position 8 in the first half of Semi-Final 2 on Thursday 10 May 2018.