The Netherlands: Waylon releases his album The World Can Wait

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The latest album by Dutch outlaw Waylon, The World Can Wait, is out now.

The World Can Wait is a labour of love for Dutch Eurovision 2018 representative Waylon, returning to his roots, paying tribute to pure country music and gritty country rock. The album features ten tracks, including the artist’s ESC 2018 entry Outlaw in ’em and the other four potential Eurovision songs he presented in February/March 2018.

The World Can Wait

The album was created in the famous city Nashville, Tennessee, the United States. Nashville has become somewhat of a hot spot for former Eurovision participants who want to get inspiration for their music, including Waylon’s former partner in crime Ilse DeLange and her initiative The Common Linnets, and Australia’s 2016 runner-up Dami Im.

Waylon composed and wrote many of the album’s songs himself, together with his team which includes distinguished Russian guitarist Ilya Toshinsky, who now resides in Nashville, and hit singer-songwriter Jim Beavers.

The title track, and thus the eponymous album, was inspired by the burn-out of Waylon’s partner, celebrity vlogger Bibi Breijman. When struggling with her affliction, Waylon comforted her with the words: “Baby, the world can wait.”

The special vinyl version of The World Can Wait will be released in two weeks.

The tracklist:

1. Back together
2. Outlaw in ‘em
3. Shadows in the dark
4. That’s how she goes
5. Home
6. Paperboy
7. Highway of heartache
8. She just wants to play
9. Thanks, but no thanks
10. The world can wait

The World Can Wait is available on Spotify:

The tour

Waylon has also started with his The World Can Wait-tour. His first concert was yesterday evening, 12 April 2018, in the southern Dutch city Venlo, venue Grenswerk. The singer will visit venues throughout the Netherlands, taking a good break to thoroughly prepare for his performance on the grand Eurovision 2018 stage.

Waylon has a specific philosophy regarding his concerts, in line with the theme of The World Can Wait:

I want people who come to watch me live to completely submerge into the music. On stage I am totally there for my public, I expect that more than ever from them this time. I would preferably want that everyone leaves their mobile phones at home, or minimaly turns them off. Often you do film or make photo’s. You again create a filter between what you experience. What is a memory worth if you persist in sharing it? As if it didn’t take place otherwise. How beautiful it would be if you could get away from that for those few hours and only engage in a dialogue with yourself or me. Just enjoy. The World Can Wait.

For dates, venues and ticket prices visit the artist’s official website


Besides touring, Waylon has several other festivals to attend throughout the summer season. He will also feature in the documentary style mini-roadmovie The Kid, the follow-up to his documentary The Last Outlaw.

Waylon, who graced the Eurovision 2014 stage and ultimately reached the 2nd place in the Grand Final as guest frontman of The Common Linnets, will perform the entry Outlaw in ’em at the ESC 2018. The song is very dear to Waylon, as it expresses his essence, the passion of the musical rebel – a passion that everyone has in themselves. That’s the message that Waylon wants to convey: just dig deep, find your source of strength, ’cause everybody has a little outlaw in ’em.

Waylon will perform Outlaw in ’em from position 8 in the first half of Semi-Final 2 on Thursday 10 May 2018.

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