Hungary: AWS have released the official music video of Viszlát Nyár

by Roy Knoops 677 views

The 2018 Hungarian Eurovision hopefuls AWS have released the official music video of their Eurovision entry Viszlát Nyár.

Metal band AWS will represent Hungary at Eurovision 2018 with the song Viszlát Nyár (Goodbye, summer), composed and written by the band’s members Dániel Kökényes, Bence Brucker, Áron Veress, Soma Schiszler and lead singer Örs Siklósi.

The video shows images of the band member’s childhood, an idyllic time that is now just a bittersweet memory.

Enjoy Viszlát Nyár by AWS

About AWS

AWS is a Hungarian metal, metalcore and post-hardcore band, originating from Budakeszi.

Formed in 2006, AWS is known for their powerful performances and eclectic style. They have performed at major festivals throughout Europe and are very popular in their home country Hungary.

Winning A Dal 2018, Hungary’s selection for Eurovision, with the song Viszlát Nyár, AWS will represent their country in Lisbon, Portugal.

AWS will perform Viszlát Nyár in the second half of Semi-Final 2 on Thursday 10 May 2018.