Eurovision 2018: Fourth wave of Eurovision tickets to go on sale on 5 April

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,368 views

RTP, the Portuguese national broadcaster has announced today that the fourth wave of the 2018 Eurovision ticket sales is scheduled to go on sale on 5 April. Tickets for all 9 shows will go on sale in this final wave.

Eurovision 2018 tickets on sale: Fourth wave

The fourth wave of Eurovision 2018 ticket sales will kick off on Thursday 5 April at 11:00 CET. Tickets for all 9 Eurovision shows will be up for grabs!

How to buy your ticket?

You can purchase your tickets for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest shows via

NB: Queue-It

BlueTicket operate a system called Queue-It, which is used to sell tickets for many of the biggest events in the world. It prevents the site from crashing if all users accessed the queue for the ticket selling platform simultaneously.

Those who arrive in the queue for tickets before the sale opens are assigned a random number at the time of the opening of the sale. This means that no one is at an advantage when they arrive on the ticket purchasing page just before the sale starts. Users who join the queue after the sale starts are then assigned a sequential number behind those who joined it beforehand.

Nine shows

In total, tickets for nine shows will be available. To ensure that you purchase the correct tickets, please pay close attention to the times and dates of the shows. All times are local.

  • 07/05/2018 – Semi-final 1 – Jury Show 19:30
  • 08/05/2018 – Semi-final 1 – Family Show 13:30
  • 08/05/2018 – Semi-final 1 – Live Broadcast 19:30
  • 09/05/2018 – Semi-final 2 – Jury Show 19:30
  • 10/05/2018 – Semi-final 2 – Family Show  13:30
  • 10/05/2018 – Semi-final 2 – Live Broadcast 19:30
  • 11/05/2018 – Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final – Jury Final 19:30
  • 12/05/2018 – Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final – Family Show 12:30
  • 12/05/2018 – Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final – Live Broadcast 19:30

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 8, 10 and 12 May at the Altice Arena in Lisbon.

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