FYR Macedonia: Eye Cue release Lost and Found

by Alex Vovidis 1,893 views

It was back in February when Eye Cue was announced as the representatives of FYR Macedonia in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, after 382 entries were received and shortlisted to 12 after 3 rounds of thorough evaluation. 

Eye Cue was founded in 2008 and consists of Marija Ivanovska and Bojan Traijkovski and have gained much name, success and recognition on home soil.

The band has great experience and is amongst the most sought after music band today in FYR Macedonia, having performed at numerous events and festivals.

The song

The song, Lost and Found, was selected by a special committee of broadcaster MRT out of 382 submissions, and eventually chosen from among 12 shortlisted songs.

Here’s the official song and video for FYR Macedonia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: