The Netherlands: OG3NE and The Toppers’ René Froger promote a healthy lifestyle

by Roy Knoops 697 views

Dutch Eurostars OG3NE and René Froger of The Toppers will participate in the new health programme Vet Fit.

Sisters-three Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol of OG3NE (Eurovision 2017), and singer René Froger of The Toppers (Eurovision 2009) are among the celebrity candidates of the weekly health programme Vet Fit (literally Fat Fit, figuratively Awesome Fit), hosted by Irene Moors.

Together with actress and singer Anne-Marie Jung and rapper Brace (Eddy Brace Rashid MacDonald) the Eurostars will work on their health, living healthy and working out. They rise to the challenge to get fitter and healthier in 100 days, and the public is encouraged to participate along with the celebrities: more than ten thousand people have applied for the Vet Fit Challenge. The public may upload video’s of their progress and share their experiences.

The importance of a balanced lifestyle

Living healthy is important for everyone, but especially artists need to find a healthy balance in their hectic lives, physically and mentally.

When you’re not feeling well in your own body, it affects your performance, as Lisa Vol says:

And than you just feel that about yourself. The goal is of course to be as healthy as possible in your life. It’s not necessarily about loosing that much weight, or to be able to run that many kilometres. Just being happy and healthy in your own skin.

Amy Vol states:

We are quite an example for many people. And especially in our target group, and than it’s just nicer to also feel good in your body on stage.

Positive Motivation

Shelley Vol says that the participation was sometimes confronting when it came to things like stamina and weight, yet also inspiring:

If you know it for yourself, you may always think: oh well, I know it and I’m going to work on it. Now other people just see a number and that is pretty intense. But on the other hand they now know that we are participating in this, and that we want to do something about it. I hope that we may positively motivate many people in that way.


The first episode of Vet Fit airs tonight, 6 March 2018, on channel SBS6 at 20.30 CET.

For more information or signing up for the Vet Fit Challenge visit this link.