The Netherlands: Why Waylon wants to honour everyone’s inner outlaw

by Roy Knoops 1,076 views

Outlaw In ‘Em celebrates personal empowerment, encouraging the little rebel that hides in all of us.

An Outlaw on his way to Portugal

Yesterday evening Dutch artist Waylon revealed his entry for Eurovision 2018, Outlaw in ’em, personally chosen out of five possibilities. Although the gritty country-rock song was a favourite among the public, many people had put their eventual bet on one of the heartfelt ballads The world can wait or Thanks but no thanks, songs that fall in line with Calm after the storm, Waylon’s successful Eurovision 2014 collaboration with The Common Linnets.

Yet, although Outlaw in ’em may appear to be a radical break with Calm after the storm, it is actually a return to Waylon’s authentic musical roots.

To Nashville and back

Waylon regularly travelles to Nashville, Tennessee, and in fact lived a couple of years in the United States where he worked with his idol and inspiration, country star Waylon Jennings, the man from which young Willem took his stage name, Waylon.

Back on home soil in the Low Countries Waylon, who besides a vocalist is also a drummer, guitarist and pianist, played in bands such as Millstreet and Santa Rosa before pursuing a solo career again.

Waylon rose to fame when, as the first Dutchman ever, he was signed to the legendary record label Motown. He soon became known as a smooth soul singer, and although he certainly stands his ground in that genre, his first love and true passion as a performer is pure country and gritty American rock music.

About his choice for Outlaw in ’em, Waylon says:

Music is my love, in that place I feel safe and familiar. Music is my mother, my father, my lover, and my friendships. I am going to the Song Contest with the song that makes me feel distinctly good. That tells something about myself. And to me that is Outlaw In ‘Em.

Personal empowerment

With lyrics such as But it don’t matter who you are, when it’s time to lock and load, everybody’s got a little outlaw in ’em (…) When you’re backed against the wall, that’s when you gotta learn to stand up tall, yeah that rebel fights inside of you, it’s been there all along, the song is also an urgent call for personal empowerment, celebrating that inner strength that conquers adversity and fear.

With his energy Waylon is all set to rock the stage in Lisbon, sure to bring out the party rebel in every little outlaw present!

Outlaw in ’em is available at Spotify: