The Netherlands: Song information and title update, official reveal on Friday 2 March 2018

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New information about Waylon’s current ongoing song reveal week.

During the coming week, Waylon will reveal the remaining four songs that might be his potential Eurovision 2018 entry. The first song, Back together, was presented last Friday 23 February 2018. All songs will be unveiled in the show De wereld draait door (The world spins on), starting every weekday at 19.00 CET on channel NPO 1.

All songs were written by Waylon himself during songwriting sessions in the Netherlands and Nashville, Tennessee, the United States, and will feature on his forthcoming album The World Can Wait.

Waylon’s ultimate choice

About the song that was chosen as the Dutch Eurovision 2018 entry, Waylon states:

The ultimate official entry for Portugal I definitely chose with my heart. You may also choose based on calculations, comparing it to other entries, inventing a story around it or putting on a glittering suit as support. The only thing you than do is choosing with your mind, which comes in handy to understand a choice, but not to make it.

Ultimately, I have to stand there, sing it and accept what is there. The love for music remains a personal choice. Thank goodness! I do wish you enjoyment with the national debate!

Waylon, together with his team and the Eurovision selection commission of Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS, have already chosen the song with which he will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. Thus, the public is able to hear the Dutch ESC 2018 entry at least once before the official reveal, yet it has no influence on the choice.

Titles of the 5 potential Dutch Eurovision 2018 entries:

  • Back together
  • Outlaw in E minor
  • The world can wait
  • That’s how she goes
  • Thanks but no thanks

Official song presentation on Friday 2 March 2018

Although first reports mentioned Saturday 3 March as the official song presentation date, the unveiling will actually be on Friday 2 March in De wereld draait door, so concluding Waylon’s week as special guest.

Waylon’s song presentation schedule

  • 23/02: Song #1
  • 26/02: Song #2
  • 27/02: Song #3
  • 28/02: Song #4
  • 01/03: Song #5
  • 02/03: Official Dutch Eurovision 2018 entry presentation

Enjoy Waylon’s first potential ESC 2018 entry Back together: