France: Madame Monsieur perform acoustic version of Mercy

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Madame Monsieur, who will represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon this May, have performed and discussed their entry, Mercy, on television programme C à Vous.

Following last Saturday’s Destination Eurovision 2018 final, the winning act Madame Monsieur, who will be representing France in Lisbon, have already been all across French media discussing their selection and their song.

Speaking to C à Vous days after their victory, the duo performed an acoustic version of their Eurovision entry Mercy, revealing more about their early plans for Lisbon.

Here is the performance (followed by the interview):

Mercy in Lisbon

The duo answered some questions regarding their song, including the burning one: will they translate Mercy into the English language?

The answer to that is maybe. They told the host that it is possible and that they have already started to think about the possibility, having been asked a lot about it since their Saturday win.

Jean-Karl (Monsieur) said:

We’ve already been asked if we would translate the song. We’ll think about it, although I think that people don’t need to know what the lyrics mean to understand the song. The melody itself could touch people.

The host also asked how they felt about their selection, and Emilie (Madame) answered:

It’s an honour to represent our country. Surprisingly it’s the French public that elected us last Saturday, and it’s a song that has a message which is based on a real story.

The hostess then asked if they had gotten in touch with the little girl included in their track. Madame said:

We are still looking for her. Since her birth actually (21 march 2017), we’re trying our best with SOS Méditerannée to find out what happened to her.

Eurovision 2018

Following yesterday’s semi-final allocation draw, we now know that France will vote in the second semi-final, just like last year, on the 10 May.

Madame Monsieur will get to perform their song for the first time in Lisbon after all participants of the second semi-final have performed theirs, automatically qualifying to the final on the 12 May as part of the ‘Big 5’.

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