Denmark: Basim releases new single alongside Benny Jamz

by Alex Vovidis 503 views

Denmark’s Basim has unveiled his latest single entitled Tilfældigt, in collaboration with Danish rapper and producer, Benny Jamz. 

Anis Basim Moujahid –better known as Basim – the representative of Denmark in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, released his latest single named Tilfældigt, which means both incidentally and random. The track also features the Danish rapper and producer Benny Jamz.

Basim has seen a lot success in his life, especially since being in the Danish X-Factor ten years ago. A few solo albums have followed his participation, with his latest and most successful attribution being his Eurovision participation.

The meaning behind Tilfældigt

The song itself, Tilfældigt, is about being aware of love, as has typically been a topic for Basim’s songs as he has written many songs for his partners.

The meaning of the song is about how hard it is to find something real in a world where people care only about money.

You can easily understand this from Benny Jamz verse:

She wants Louis, she wants Gucci, she wants Louboutin / plus li’ suddenly, she sees the flous, it’s only why she’s hot.

Listen to Tilfældigt below!