Italy: Emma Marrone starts the year with a new single

by Stefano 703 views

Italy’s 2014 representative to the Eurovision Song Contest, Emma Marrone, has begun 2018 with a renewed energy. Her latest single L’isola has just been released along with a music video shot in the streets of New York.

New song, new EP, new Emma

The new year is full of good things for Emma Marrone. The 33 year-old singer from Florence announced a brand new album, two years after her last work. With Essere qui, Emma enters a new stage in her life.

She confessed on social media that she took the time to do, undo, sing, sing again, play and play again. In other words, the time to understand, to be happy.

Happy is definitely the vibe that comes from L’isola, the first single of her upcoming album. Essere qui will be published on 26 January. It represents the fifth studio album for Emma Marrone.

Watch the music video of L’isola here:

Emma Marrone at the Eurovision Song Contest

Emma Marrone represented Italy in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with the song La mia città, and finished in 21st place with 33 points.

Her score represents the worst placement of an Italian representative since their return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011.