Russia: Polina Gagarina unveils Obezoruzhena video

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Russian popstar and Eurovision 2015 runner-up Polina Gagarina has released the official video for her latest single Obezoruzhena.

Obezoruzhena (“Disarmed”) by Polina Gagarina is an emotional love-song, accompanied by an equally provocative video clip.

Obezoruzhena describes the feeling of being totally disarmed, naked and vulnerable, in the face of love. Of being afraid that the loved one might leave, although she needs him so much.

Obezoruzhena was released several weeks ago, the official video has now been unveiled:

Listen to Obezoruzhena via both iTunes and Yandex.

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About Polina Gagarina

Polina Sergeyevna Gagarina (Moscow, 1987) is a Russian singer-songwriter, actress and model. She grew up in Greece and later moved back to Russia. She is one of the most popular artists in Russia, and beyond.

Polina Gagarina won the second season of the Russian show Star Factory in 2003, and placed 3rd at the 2005 New Wave music competition in Jūrmala, Latvia. She released her debut album Poprosi u Oblakov (“Ask the Clouds”) in 2007.

In 2015, Polina Gagarina represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria. Winning Semi-Final 1 with her heartfelt performance of the power ballad A million voices, she ultimately reached an honourable 2nd place in the Grand Final, receiving 303 points.